Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Award from mILK

This post is for mILK. She is a beautiful, young soul who lives to glorify GOD alone. I admire her insights and her heart for our dear LORD. She is burning for GOD's love. She has a humble heart and a gifted spirit. To visit her blog, please just click this mILK

Monday, April 27, 2009

Award from Grace

This post is for Grace. Thank you so much for this award. Thank you for your very thoughtful and sweet soul. You have no idea how much it has impacted me. It is such a beautiful encouragement. ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO OUR GOD ALONE!!! You could visit her blog at We live to tell God's "Amazing Grace"

Awards from Tammy

This post is for Tammy. Thank you so much for the awards/recognitions. You are highly appreciated by me. GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL! You can visit her blog at Omah's Helping HandsLinkLinkLink